Sunday, July 15, 2007


On my friend Tim's blog, his latest post is about the rating that his blog received from a site called Mingle2 (the 2 is as in "squared"). Tim's blog received a NC-17 rating because he uses the word "gay." I thought I'd check out my own rating since I have used some words on Little Merry Sunshine that might not be kid-friendly. Interestingly, my blog only rates a PG for 4 uses of the word "death" (oops! make that 5) and 1 instance of the word "crap" (I guess that's 2 uses now). I thought the Bull Durham quote alone would have garnered me a PG-13 rating, but it didn't.

So I'm left wondering the same thing Tim wonders: Who's running this blog rating system anyway?

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Update: No sooner did I post this topic and my rating jumped to PG-13! All the sudden Mingle2 found some slang for a woman's va-jay-jay in my blog.

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