Sunday, May 11, 2008

LMS EXCLUSIVE: 2 New Super Dele-CATS for Obama!

In an exclusive interview with Little Merry Sunshine earlier today, Betsey (left pic) and Ross (right pic) announced today that they are officially endorsing Illinois Senator Barack Obama for President. This endorsement is unprecedented in their 12 years.

Asked why they are taking a stand in 2008, when they were apolitical in 1996, 2000, and 2004, Ross replied, "As members of the feline race, Betsey and I believe it is our patriotic duty to not simply sit on the sidelines when so much is at stake." He continued, "In previous years, we believed that our voices were insignificant, but after studying Cats for Obama, we realized that when united, our voices are loud and they must be heard. Cats have issues that are important to them including the environment and food. Betsey and I believe that Senator Obama will work to protect the environment so we always have fresh, safe drinking water and will ensure a mouse in every food dish."

Betsey chimed in, "We were against the War in Iraq going back to 2002 and Barack Obama has a solid record of being the peace-loving candidate. We appreciate his solid judgement and fiscal responsibility. Finally, given our historical past, Ross and I felt speaking out was simply our patriotic duty."

So there you have it. Barack Obama picked up the endorsements of 2 new superdelegates (oops, I mean dele-cats) today.


  1. Pele is not amused. Do the Delecats not realize that she is the Empress and they should be endorsing her for Benevolent Dictator?

  2. That's quite interesting . . . Betsey and Ross have both always believed they were the sole rulers of the universe. Is it possible that Pele didn't get the memo?


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