Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RIP Nora Ephron

Acclaimed writer Nora Ephron died tonight.

She's famous for many books and screen plays, but my personal favorite is When Harry Met Sally.

I still remember seeing it for the very first time with my cousin Alan. Some call it a simple romantic comedy, I call it genius. My favorite scene in the movie happened when Harry finally proclaimed his love for Sally.

The thing is I love you . . .

RIP Nora Ephron. You inspired many woman through your words. You made a difference in the world.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

RIP Little Merry Sunshine (July 1, 2007 - June 10, 2012)

After much consideration, I've decided to stop writing Little Merry Sunshine.

I've come to realize that I have nothing left to say and no time in which to say anything I might have to say anyway. Continuing my blog has become a burden and I feel guilty each day I don't write. The only way I know to make the guilt go away is to officially declare my blog dead.

It's been a good run.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zoey and Sammy Go to the Vet

Yesterday was Sammy and Zoey's first visit to my vet, Dr. Nick Guedet at March Animal Hospital. They've previously been to the vet, but that was when they were still part of the Illinois Animal Rescue. They had not been to my vet yet.

I haven't seen my vet since I said good-bye to Betsey and Ross and was excited to share my babies with them because I knew all the techs and everyone in the front office would ooh and ahh over Sammy and Zoey. And I knew they would get the best care money could buy. I love the fact that I have a relationship dating back almost 12 years with March Animal Hospital. They know me and how I care for my pets and continuing the relationship felt good.

But I wondered if I would still be able to feel Betsey and Ross when I walked in the door, given all the time they'd been patients there and how many times in the last few months we'd all walked through the doors together.

From the moment Sammy, Zoey and I walked in, a huge fuss was made over them and believe me, they ate up all the attention. They purred loudly and pranced around their crate with so much pride, as though to say, "We know we're cute and we knew you'd think so too!" It all felt really good to me too.

And then I was placed in a room for their exam. A tech started to place us in the room where I put down Betsey and Ross and the second my feet crossed the threshold, I started to cry big tears. I tried to pretend I wasn't, but it was simply a moment I wasn't expecting. I wasn't expecting that moment. But here's what I love about March Animal Hospital. The tech saw immediately that I was upset and knew why, so she moved me. I know she didn't realize which room Betsey and Ross died in and I wasn't at all upset with her. Frankly, she couldn't have been sweeter. I'm sure that one day I'll be able to walk into that room again and not feel overwhelmed by the presence of Betsey and Ross, but it's going to take a little while.

Once the exam got started Sammy and Zoey did terrific. They are both very healthy and well-adjusted. In the past month, Sammy has gone from weighing 2.9 pounds to 4.25 pounds! Zoey weighed 2.3 pounds at the beginning of May and now weighs 3.56 pounds! They both have all their baby teeth and they took their shots like champs.

All in all, it felt really good to be back at my vet for a delightful reason. It helps make the sadness that I still feel, a little less sad. Maybe Betsey and Ross needed to go when they did because they knew Sammy and Zoey would need a loving home and before I could give it to them, I needed a little while to mourn.

Sammy and Zoey want me to tell you that if you're not following them on Twitter, you should. They tweet fairly often and like to chat about the lessons they are learning and the fun they're having.