Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two months later and we have new life

So it's been two months since I said good-bye to Betsey and Ross. Crap. Even saying that brings tears to my eyes. I guess I should have known it would. I spoke about them and their passing with a friend on Monday night and cried more tears than I planned.

Do I miss them? Yep. I sure do. I see their pictures daily and I miss them a lot. But it was their time and I know that. I know I made the right decision.

I've sort of stopped thinking of myself as Betsey and Ross's mom. I've removed them from my Blogger profile. I no longer think about how much I miss them every day. I can (usually) speak about them without crying.

Those are enormous steps.

I think those steps happened because I took a huge leap of faith 10 days ago.

I adopted two beautiful kittens.  They are 12-weeks old tomorrow. I think it's a little fitting that they were born at the exact time I had originally planned to say good-bye to Betsey (February 24). What is it they say about one life ends so another can begin?

Anyway, the kittens are 12-weeks old. They are brother and sister litter-mates and they are a bundle of energy. I had almost gotten past feeling my house was too quiet when they arrived on Mother's Day, only to bring noise and life back to my house. They are goofy and silly in all the ways kitties are. Yesterday, I turned around to find the boy had climbed the screen of my sliding to my sliding glass door. They wake me up in the middle of the night when they decide it's time to find their times in the Indy 500 trials, racing across my face at 700 miles per hour. They are loving and cuddly and purr so loudly I can't hear myself think.

They make me happy.

In simplest terms, they are beyond cute. To call them cute is to understate their absolute adorableness.

And just like Betsey and Ross, they are rescue kitties. Along with their 3rd sibling, a brother, they were rescued off the mean streets of Chicago. A foster family in Libertyville loved them for their first 10 weeks and I fell in love with them via The foster family also litter box trained them. Thank goodness. With any luck, they will bring me almost 16 years of love and happiness, just like Betsey and Ross did.

So without further ado, please welcome Sammy (left) and Zoey (right) to my family. Oh, and they have Twitter.


  1. I'm glad they made their way into your life! And they share a very important birthday - Livie was born on the same day (but a few years earlier, of course)!

    Livie, by the way, says, "So cute!"


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