Monday, January 14, 2013

Tuesday is BETTER than Christmas!

You read that right, tomorrow, Tuesday, January 15th will be better than Christmas.


I'm so happy you asked.

Tomorrow will be better than Christmas because Brad Meltzer's new novel, The Fifth Assassin, will be released!

I'm so excited to read this book not only because I'm personally a huge Brad Meltzer fan, but also because I loved The Inner Circle and this novel features once again features Beecher White as the hero. I also love how much research Brad does for his books to make them historically accurate as possible within fiction. Brad doesn't skimp on the details which always prove to suck me in by about the bottom of the first page.

You should buy and fall in love with Brad's new book because in addition to being a phenomenal writer, he's also just one of the coolest people I know. Yes, I know Brad personally. You can find that story here where you'll also learned about how I ended up in The Book of Lies. But I digress. Brad does a lot of incredible charity work with Big Brothers, Big Sisters and City Year Miami, just to name two of his favorite causes. And no, he doesn't just write checks. He gives his time and his talent and he encourages those within his circle of influence to do the same.

Sure, Brad Meltzer is a guy who's achieved a whole lot of success in his life, but he's never forgotten where he came from and he believes in reaching back to help others achieve their dreams.

So buy his book. You'll be glad you did. Personally, I'll be at the book store during my lunch hour and then I'll be a bit exhausted on Wednesday.

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  1. I'm glad it's out now! I can't wait to see what Beecher does next!


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