Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Perfect (Michigan) Summer

Spring is taking its sweet time to arrive in Chicago. Today, it's somewhere around 2 degrees. Oh, no, wait, my phone says it's 34. On March 23rd. Last year at this time it was close to 80. I had brunch in the Deerpath Inn Garden this weekend last year. But I digress.

Although Spring has yet to arrive, I'm already thinking about Summer. Specifically, I'm thinking about Watervale. Just under 5 months until I'm at Watervale and Lord willing, I'll be there sooner than that.

The 2013 Pure Michigan campaign kicked off this past week and each time I see one of their commercials, I'm immediately transported to my favorite place on earth. In fact, I don't even have to see the commercial. I just have to hear the music that opens nearly all the commercials and hear Tim Allen's voice and I'm there.

You'll appreciate my delight at discovering the 2013 Pure Michigan Summer Playlist on YouTube a few minutes ago. I squealed with happiness.

I love you, so here are my favorites:

Sand Dunes


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