Friday, May 22, 2009

Have You Done Your Father's Day Shopping Yet?

Yes, I know that Father's Day is still almost a month away (it's June 21st for those of you who don't know). But it's never too early to plan this year's gift. You don't want to get stuck with having to buy him a Chia Pet at the last second like you did last year. It's 2009 and high time that you stopped getting your dad an ugly tie that he's humiliated wearing, but wears anyway because he loves you. Plus, you're not 7 anymore and you should be able to be more creative.

Because I like you, I'm going to help you out and let you in on the gift that I'm getting my dad this year. BUT you MUST promise not to tell him. So put up your right hand and repeat after me: "I solemnly swear I will not tell Jessica's dad what she's getting him for Father's Day 2009." Wasn't that easy? Thank you.

Thanks to Stephanie Zimmerman (aka The Fixer) over at the Sun-Times, my dad is going to be the very happy and grateful recipient of a Cardboard Deer Head! Isn't that exciting?
Straight from the website Uncommon Goods: "On the hunt for the most interesting home decor? More modern design than hunting lodge, these clever, cruelty-free cardboard deer heads are a fun way to add a trophy to your wall without having to go after Bambi's mom. Easy to assemble, the kit includes numbered cardboard sheets and detailed instructions. Made of 100% recycled cardboard in Virginia. Available in natural and white." Plus, it's only $28.00 plus shipping and handling charges of up to $24.95, depending on how fast you'd like it delivered.

I must warn you, however, that you must not be tempted to get me a bouquet of Elephant Poo Paper Roses for my birthday on June 16th. That would be a huge mistake. Huge. Mistake.

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