Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Gonna Be Charlie Sheen's #Winning #Tigherblood Intern!

My phone rang about 3pm yesterday. It was my friend Paul (and one of the alumni at my awesome new job).

"Jess, I've found the PERFECT job for you! But you've got to act fast!"

"Um, okay," I said, "But I've already got the perfect job. Remember? I'm the Alumni Relations & Events Manager at your alma mater!"

"No. No. No," He insisted. "THIS job is even better."

"Okay, fine. What is this gig that's even better than my awesome job I've been at for three weeks? Seriously, I thought you were calling about some alumni matter."

"Charlie Sheen is looking for an intern and you'd be PERFECT! With your #winning smile and attitude and #tigerblood instincts, he'd be a fool not to hire you."

"You do realize I'd smack him upside the head all the way to next Thursday, just for being a complete waste of a human being these days, right?"

"Ya, but it'd be fun to watch, plus, you'd be perfect."

"Okay, well, thanks for thinking of me. Is there any alumni matter I can help you with? Otherwise, I've got to get back to work."

"Nope. Have a great day. You're doing a great job as the new Alumni Relations & Events Manager, but you really should consider this Charlie Sheen gig."

So I've given it some thought ... I'm gonna be Charlie Sheen's intern because he can use my #winning social media skills, smile, and attitude, plus my #tigerblood instincts! I'll let you know how the application process goes.

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