Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So, is Little Merry Sunshine back for good?

I have been asked the question above in various forms a number of times since Monday, when I posted for the first time in two weeks. This post marks the fourth post in three days, so it sure looks like Little Merry Sunshine is back.

The truth is I don't know whether Little Merry Sunshine is back or not. That may sound silly, since you know, I write this blog. You might think that if anyone knows the answer it would be me. That logic is sound. I should know the answer.

But here's the thing: I don't know that I feel like I have anything to say anymore. Exhibit A: What's for lunch? A PBJH&C Sandwich! posted just after midnight on Monday morning. That post, all 430 words of it took two hours to write. TWO HOURS. Do you know how many times in the past 30 years I've told that story? I bet it's close to 430 times. I probably tell it in less than five minutes. And yet, I couldn't put it down in writing in less than two hours.

I can stand in my shower and dictate blog posts all day long. So if you were standing in my shower with me, I'd regale you with many witty, thoughtful, relevant blog posts. Unfortunately, just as I rinse the shampoo down the drain, my top-notch, Pulitzer Prize winning blog posts run disappear too. In fact, in the past few months, that's really where Betsey and Ross let me down. It was their job to transcribe my wit each morning and each day I'd step out of the shower and they would have failed . . . again. Oh, well, I loved them anyway.

But I digress. I'm just not sure where Little Merry Sunshine stands.

Let me be clear about one thing, if nothing else: my lack of writing has everything to do with me and nothing to do with you, my dear readers. You keep reading LMS each day, even when I don't post. When I do, you show up in amazing numbers and you comment. You send me notes when I'm quiet for days (or weeks) on end asking if I'm okay. One of you in particular, pokes me to write almost daily. You have no idea how much I appreciate your kind words.

Here's the promise I will make to you: Little Merry Sunshine will not just disappear. I will tell you if I decide to close down my blog. For your loyalty, I owe you that.


  1. I honestly do not know how you have a Blogspot blog, because with both Blogspot and Wordpress, I always felt like I was out in the cold... and, there always seemed to be an incredible amount of pressure attached to the actual physical process of writing. So, a couple of years ago, I was having a hard time keeping up my Wordpress blog and I found Tumblr...

    Now, the disadvantages to Tumblr are that, it's very photo oriented, so you're less likely to want to write, but I'm at a point where I want to write, right now, although I do also "reblog" or post photos or quotes from today's stories along with my own thoughts on the matter.

    It may be something that you can use in addition to this blog, or, if you explore it, and want to move onto it, you can still set up your RSS feed, so that people can catch up with you, if they want.

    It's worth thinking about, and, in all honesty, the word Tumblr is set to replace the word "blog" in Google searches within the next few months, which is a huge deal.

    It's just a thought. I can completely understand if you close down for good or don't want to write. But, sometimes, it helps us to get lost for a while to remember why we were so active in the first place.

    I'm gonna continue to give you hugs. And, if you want to find me or look into Tumblr, I'm at - just to show you, you can make a Tumblr blog look all kinds of pretty, too.

  2. Oh gosh, I know that feeling of not being sure what is next, where to go, whether to continue or not. As you know, I have changed blogs over the years... I can't tell anyone what is right for them; when I closed FranIam, I did not start Bread for a few weeks. And I had no idea that it would ever begin!

    I go through times like that, where my ideas are all humming. For you it is the shower, for me it is when I am driving. Then I sit down at the keyboard.

    Thoughts? What thoughts? Or I have the thoughts and no adequate words. Or it takes two hours to eek out 400+ of them. *sigh* Take your time, do what your heart tells you.


  3. If you take an extended break from writing/blogging . . . we'll be waiting for you when you come back. :)

    And if you ultimately choose to close down LMS, well . . . I guess you've gotta do what you gotta do. (And if that happens, I just want to say now, in case I forget, that I've enjoyed the ride.)


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