Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chicago Politics: A Paragon of Virtue

By now, you've heard about Rahm Emanuel being kicked off the ballot for Chicago mayor by the Appellate Court because of his lack of residency. While I understand that there has been quite a spirited debate about whether Rahm's service to President Obama since 2009 made him a non-resident, I think we can all agree, that in Chicago and throughout Illinois, it's imperative that politicians follow the rules and act in a virtuous manner at all times. And that's all the Appellate Court was doing yesterday. They're simply reminding everyone that it's the letter of the law that matters and politicians must be held to a higher standard. It's this reason that we have no corruption in Illinois.

As always, John Stewart explains it all perfectly. You'll see that a strict adherence to the residency rule truly is the Chicago Way™.
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Of course, if you read LMS via email, it's worth a trip to the blog itself to watch the video.

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