Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy National Rubber Ducky Day!

You probably call today Thursday, but I call it National Rubber Ducky Day!

The Rubber Duck was first manufactured in the late 1800s as a way, I'm assuming, to make bath time easier for parents everywhere by diverting kids' attention away from the soap and wash cloth and onto the floating duck. Obviously it worked because many years later, Ernie couldn't be pried from his bath on Sesame Street while playing with his Rubber Duckie. His love affair with his Rubber Duckie is well documented in the video below.

Here's a fun fact from
During a Pacific storm on January 10, 1992, over 29,000 rubber ducky bath toys from a Chinese company were washed off of a cargo ship. Months after the storm, about two thirds of the rubber duckies had made [their] way to the shores of Indonesia, Australia, and South America. Some of the ducks also entered into the Bering Straight between Alaska and Russia where they became trapped in the Arctic ice. The ducks slowly made their way through the ice at one mile per day and in 2000, they were spotted in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Talk about some world traveled ducks!
So Happy National Rubber Ducky Day! I suggest you celebrate by taking an extra long bath with your favorite Rubber Ducky!

And on a personal note, Happy Birthday to a longtime LMS reader. :)

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