Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guess Who's is Quoted in Make It Better!

Do you read Make It Better? It's a wonderful magazine with the sole mission of making it easy for people to make the world better. In fact, to date, the magazine has made 67,173 lives better and helped to raise $1,464,657 for its partner non-profits, according to the Make It Better website.

I enjoy reading Make It Better, follow the magazine on Twitter, and am a fan on Facebook.

A few months ago, the magazine posted the question "Who or what on the North Shore makes you happy?" on its Facebook page and I commented that I love "sitting on the swings on the beach in Lake Forest."

It's true. I do. I love swinging on the swings at the Lake Forest Beach. It's been one of my favorite activities since my days at Lake Forest College. Looking out over the water while swinging always brings me a sense of calmness and allows me to release all my stress. Swinging on the swings is a simple pleasure from childhood that I think most adults don't do enough of, but put a swing set in front of me and I'll hop on. I don't care where it's located, but it's it's on the beach, I dare you to try to get me off the swings.

Anyway, this month, Make It Better selected nine of its favorite responses to print in the magazine. One of my co-workers brought my new fame to my attention a couple of weeks ago. I honestly had no idea my happy place was being shared with readers all around the North Shore.

Frankly, I'm relieved they didn't shorten or revise my quote. Just think how "swinging on the Lake Forest Beach makes me happy" would have sounded! ;)

You can read my quote on page 86 below. And yes, that's Julia Sweeney formerly of Saturday Night Live on the cover. She lives in Evanston and writes a delightful blog.

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