Thursday, April 17, 2008

Check Gas Prices In Your Area!

As a public service because gas are so high, I've added a new feature to Little Merry Sunshine.

In the left sidebar, you can now find the lowest gas prices within the last 24 hours in your area through

To use this widget, simply type in your zipcode. Gas Buddy is dependent on gas station consumers reporting prices to the site on a daily basis. If there are no results for your town, then no one has reported the prices. Reporting is simple. Just follow the instructions on the site. I encourage you to report prices as you see them. We're all in this mess (created by W) together.

Search for gas prices by US Zip Code


  1. Gas has gone up in my area by nearly 30 cents this week... when I have my review next week, I will be seriously talking with my boss about working from home at least 3 days a week... It's only (only!)$3.49 in North Chicago and it was $3.65 in Lake Forest. Why do I get the feeling that the oil companies are going to report another record profit this quarter?

    I wish the scooter place would take my car as a trade in on a scooter.... or an electric bike....

  2. Working from home is absolutely wonderful. And it absolutely saves me on gas and other commuting costs.

    The one thing I would warn you about is to make sure that you get out of the house daily. In the summer, this is easy (for me), but in the winter, if I'm not seeing clients on a particular day, it can be tempting to just not leave the house. I've noticed that I've had to work hard not to be affected by SAD. So in the winter, even if it's shoveling the driveway or walking to the end of the block, make sure you get out of the house. It'll help, trust me.

    Back on the gas issue - yesterday in AH, I saw gas for $3.75 and almost ran off the road!

    I know that part of what makes our gas so expensive is the special summer formulation that is only used by Illinois. Of course, all the surrounding states have special summer formulas too, but none of them are alike. If the refineries didn't have to make different formulas for each state, that would reduce the need for the summer spike in gas prices.

  3. Gas in N Chicago went up to $3.68 by 6 pm last night.... 19 cents in less than a day, which I find funny as the gas in the tanks was no different than it had been in the morning...

    My heating gas also went up an astronomical amount.

    How do they expect people to live? *ponders abandoning the house and going to live in the hunting shack*


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