Saturday, July 4, 2009

Betsey & Ross are 13 Today!

Betsey and Ross earlier this year.

Today is Betsey and Ross's 13th birthday. Oh God. I have teenagers. Well, not really. They're cats. And unlike teenagers, these 13 year olds have begun to slow down a little. Sleep now occupies the vast majority of their day and night, although they do still manage to squeeze in some Indy 500-type racing through the house a few times a day and night. (For more on Betsey & Ross and how they came to be my cats click here).

As I type this, Betsey is laying next to me on my desk, with her little head on my arm. She'll relocate onto the love seat, which she pretty much owns, shortly. Ross is sleeping in a chair. He'll move into the linen closet in an hour or so where he'll stay through the heat of the day. At some point, they'll stop to bathe each other and then curl up on my bed when I go to bed tonight. It's a rough life they live.

Please join me in wishing them a very happy birthday and another year of good health.

Because Betsey and Ross believe that all the 4th of July celebrations are truly for them, please enjoy these festive fireworks, obviously in their honor.*

*I cannot certify that no peeps were hurt in the filming of this video. All I can say is that it's not my fault.

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  1. Happy Birthday B&R!

    From Pele, Kali MD, and Bodhi


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