Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Foresters Blog!

One of the biggest benefits I have received from becoming more involved with my alma mater, Lake Forest College, as a member of the Alumni Board, is meeting and getting back in touch with some of the most talented, interesting, witty, and intelligent people I've ever known. Their interests are varied, but their passions are deep.

And many of them write funny, sassy, smart blogs that are listed in my Forester Friends Blog Roll. They don't all write on a daily basis, but when they do, they always brighten my day.

Barrie Briggs Spang of the Class of 1994, writes a beautiful self-titled blog about her life as an interior designer. She's incredibly talented and has inspired me to tackle a couple of simple projects in my home.

Carticel Patient by Will Pittinos from the Class of 2006, shares the trials and tribulations of Will's knee surgery and subsequent recovery last fall.

Disenchanted Fairytale is written by a thoughtful alumnus, who wishes to remain anonymous, while she finds her footing in the blogsphere. Give her some encouragement and I bet she'll write more.

Gourmet Goddess: (Mis)Adventures in Cooking, written by Heather Brown from the Class of 1996, chronicles many of Heather's adventures in the kitchen and her garden, but is far more than just a foodie blog.

Remembering Frances is my other blog. It has allowed me to share the life of my Nana, while mourning her death last summer. It's not as morbid as it may sound. Really.

Social Climbers is written by Beth (Wilson) Dunn, also from the Class of 1993. Beth's mission is to make the world a little more beautiful one preppy monogram at a time. You'll enjoy her fun blog, named after her book.

Under The Desert Sky is written by Sonya (Iannone) Heilmann from the Class of 1993. Sonya is a talented writer who just entered the blog world. Go show her some love. Trust me, you'll be back.

Velosnaps is written by Associate Dean of Students, Carolyn Golz, a cyclist and novice photographer.

We Sell Winchester, written by Laurie Randazzo from the Class of 1990, is a terrific real estate blog about Winchester, Mass., but with lessons for everyone.

Wooden Table, written by Spectrum editor, Lindsay Beller, tells the tales of a reformed picky eater who has joined a CSA. It's delightful and Lindsay's photography is beautiful. My only question is how do I get an invitation to dinner?

You Must Hear This Album
is written by Associate Dean of Student, Chris Waugh, whose passion for music rings loud and clear.

Do you write or know about a Forester blog that I don't know about? Would you like it listed on the Little Merry Sunshine Forester Friends Blog Roll? Tell me about your blog in the comments and I'll add it to the Blog Roll! Don't forget to give me the link!

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  1. Thanks for putting this post together and for including me. I found some blogs I would have never stumbled across otherwise.


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