Sunday, February 7, 2010

I've Been Wondering About A Few Things . . .

There are some questions I've been grappling with lately and have been unable to answer for myself. Because you, my faithful readers, are by and large some of the smartest people around (you read Little Merry Sunshine, afterall), I'm tossing these things out to you in hopes that maybe you can help answer my questions.

1. Is it just me or does the fact that former President George W. Bush is out there shilling for Haiti relief leave a bitter taste when looking at it through the lens of how he mishandled New Orleans after Katrina? Don't get me wrong, I think relief for Haiti is an important cause, but is George W. "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie!" Bush really the best spokesperson?

2. Why didn't Scott Lee Cohen's opponents in the Democratic primary last week bring any of these facts about his prostitute-loving, woman-beating, tax-cheating, child-support-skipping past to light? And why did the Tribune and Sun-Times wait until the day after the election to publish their stories? These are the kinds of stories that the good folks who voted for him (I wasn't one because something about him just rubbed me wrong and it turns out I was right.), might have appreciated knowing the day before the election. They were evidently so easy to find that they hit the papers within hours after his victory and we're now stuck with him, unless he removes himself from the ballot. If any members of the media or one of his opponents had brought this to light prior to Wednesday (say maybe Monday?), we might not be in this mess now. UPDATE: Capitol Fax is reporting that Cohen may be withdrawing from the race at 7:30pm. Update #2 7:17pm: Cohen is out.

3. Why is it that in spite of the fact that I wear socks 2 at a time, whenever I put socks in the wash, I'm always one short when I fold clothes? And why is it that on the rare occasion when I toss in an odd number of socks, the odd sock is never lost and I always get the same number of socks out of the dryer that I put in?

4. Why do the pro-life folks champion women for making the choice to not have an abortion when all they want to do is take that choice away?

I think that's all for today. If anyone has these answers, I'd sure appreciate it.


  1. 1. If he does some good, excellent. He can't learn anything about himself if all he does is collect fees for his awkward attempts at public speaking. Teddy Kennedy spent his life atoning for his sin. George Bush needs to do the same.

    2. Yeah, he was creepy.

    3. The Canadian's socks always return from a trip to the dryer in pairs. Mine not so much. WTF?

    4. They do that because their ilk used to ridicule unwed pregnant women This backfired as public shame was one of the reasons why some women have abortions. So they had to switch tactics and act all, "Let's have a party for this 16 year old who is having a baby." Of course, they never mention how quickly that party ends.

  2. And was Tim Tebow tackling his mother supposed to make me not want to have an abortion? Dude, that was a little creepy.

  3. Creepy was an understatement for that ad.

    Although I have to say that the Tebow ads weren't as offensive as I thought they'd be. I just wish that ALL women could be respected for the choices we make.

    I think what I really didn't like about the ad was the message seemed to be "see because I ignored medical advice and risked my life, God rewarded me with this world class athlete as a son and maybe he'll reward you too!" That said, I'm still not convinced any real doctor in the Philippines actually told her to get an abortion.


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