Friday, February 12, 2010

The Hug-E-Gram - The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine's Day Gift? I'm sure you know how much is riding on Valentine's Day and there's enormous pressure to get it just right, so you'd better not screw this up.

Not to worry. Little Merry Sunshine (thanks to her college friend Koko) has just the perfect gift for you. The Hug-E-Gram!

Your Valentine will treasure this thoughtful gift for years to come. Whenever you can't be there to wrap your loving arms around her, the "two soft plush cotton arms with cartoon hands . . . create a soft and cuddly hug giving a heartwarming feeling" that will remind her of your undying affection.

But wait! It gets better! You can even whisper sweet nothings in her ear as you "hug" her by recording your own voice in the Hug-E-Gram!

There's even more! Your Hug-E-Gram will even be delivered with a bouquet of wooden roses because nothing smells quite as sweet as . . . wooden roses? On the upside, they won't wilt on Monday.

You must HURRY! You've only got until 1pm ET (that's 12noon for you Midwesterners) to place your order so they can rush your Hug-E-Gram for Saturday delivery. It's just $64.98 with overnight delivery, but your Sweetie is worth that, right?

Just look at how happy and fulfilled this woman seems. She clearly couldn't feel more love if her beloved were right there embracing her himself.

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  1. ...and when that special someone has pissed you off for the final time? You can wrap the Hug-E-Gram around your honey's neck until his cute little bug eyes fall out!


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