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Lake Forest College Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2010

Homecoming and Reunion Weekend 2010 is now just a memory. Frankly, after many months of planning and working with all the wonderful reunion committees, it's a little hard to believe it's over. There's a part of me that thinks last weekend flew by and wishes it could have been just one more day, but the sane part of me knows I may not have lived through a third day. I had more fun at Homecoming than I can remember having in ages and only got about 4 hours of sleep each Friday and Saturday night. I'm not saying I'm too old to get 8 hours of sleep in 48 hours, but I'm just saying.

The weekend was full of so many incredible memories. Friendships rekindled as though there had been no separation in time. New friendships made. The opportunity to thank professors who changed my life. The chance to set the record straight on how I ended up at LFC. Although the final numbers aren't in, I can share that across the board, the weekend was record breaking. And by filling the weekend with perfect fall days full of sunshine, warm temperatures, and rustling leaves, Mother Nature reminded everyone why we called it The Enchanted Forest. A perfect weekend.

I can't begin to give you all the details of the weekend. Partly because I don't remember them all, but also because I think that what happens in the Enchanted Forest, really ought to stay in the Enchanted Forest.

But thanks to Twitter, I can give you the weekend in 140 characters or less from many of the major players. We all tagged our tweets "#lfhc2010," which stood for "Lake Forest Homecoming 2010." Anyone on Twitter could have followed the fun live by doing a search for that hashtag. I've included the pictures I took, but to see the rest, click on the hyperlinks.
Tuesday & Wednesday, October 5th & 6th
Follow @ and use hash tag #LFhc2010 for Homecoming and Reunion updates. We are only days away. Oct. 5th
TimState: The forecast for Saturday now has a daytime high of 74 degrees. Perfect Homecoming weather. #LFhc2010 Oct. 6th
LFCollege: For Homecoming weekend tweets, use the hashtag #LFhc2010 and tag your Flickr photos, too! Oct. 6th
TimState: Students must remove their vehicles from the South Campus parking lot by 7 a.m. Friday to make way for Homecoming. #LFhc2010 Oct. 6th
CarolynGolz: Homecoming window painting! #LFhc2010 Oct. 6th
TimState: Homecoming Pass production has begun. #LFhc2010 . Oct. 6th
Jessica_Gardner: Forester Friends: There's still time to register for Homecoming! Weather will be perfect! #LFhc2010 Oct. 6th
TimState: Nothing says welcome quite like a banner. #LFhc2010 . Oct. 6th
CarolynGolz: RT @: Nothing says welcome quite like a banner.#LFhc2010 -> Great picture! Oct. 6th
RileyHutchinson: The best week of the year at @ is here and I could not be more excited! Join us at 8:30pm for fireworks on South Campus! #LFhc2010 Oct. 6th
CarolynGolz: RT @: The bst wk of year at @ is here & I couldnt B more excited! Join us @ 8:30p 4 firewrks on S. Campus! #LFhc2010 Oct. 6th
Jessica_Gardner: I just realized that my dance card is so full this weekend I may not sleep. Sleep is overrated, but you can't have too much fun! #LFhc2010 Oct. 6th
TimState: Working on the script for Marsha Anderson '68 for Saturday's nearly-sold-out reunion dinner and dance. #LFhc2010 Oct. 6th
TimState: Just got off the phone with an alum asking for fashion advice. #LFhc2010 Oct. 6th
TimState: Forecast high for Friday and Saturday is now 77 degrees. We are ready with bottled water. #LFhc2010 Oct. 6th
TimState: Just sent an e-peptalk to our Alumni Board Homecoming Volunteers. Homecoming would not happen without our volunteers. Seriously. #LFhc2010 Oct. 6th

Thursday, October 7th
TimState: Homecoming forecast keeps getting better. Friday's high is now 78 and Saturday's is 80! #LFhc2010
TheCaf: The fireworks last night were great, well done to Pat Dogett. Preparing for the tailgate on Saturday! #lfhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: Just bought a pair of Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats. I hope they really do save my feet on Sat nite when I decide to kick off my heels. #lfhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: I love that our 2010 Reunions Committees are so committed to LFC & that their classmates are so generous! #lfhc2010
TimState: Many Class Reunions have created giving efforts. #LFhc2010
TimState: Alumni are already arriving on campus and looking around. Haven't felt this kind of buzz since the Sesquicentennial. #LFhc2010
LFCollege: Yay! @ Alumni are already arriving on campus & looking around. Haven't felt this kind of buzz since the Sesquicentennial. #LFhc2010
GracieSchlaf: Soo excited for this weekend #LFhc2010 followed by Chicago Marathon... we'll just see how this goes!
TimState: Getting things in place for Boomer's Bash. #LFhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: So excited to see many Forester friends this weekend and meet the awesome Reunion Volunteers in person! #LFhc2010
JaredMFox: On my way to Chicago for Lake Forest Homecoming. So excited. #LFhc2010
TheCaf: Saw @ today she embraced the homecoming excitement #lfhc2010
Louise_Barclay: super bummed about missing #lfhc2010! Wish I could be there with everyone to celebrate. @, make sure you have a beverage for me!
CarolynGolz: @ It looked like the auto show was off 2 a good start when I left campus tonight! Great job on #lfhc2010 so far! Bonfire tmw!
CarolynGolz: @ Thanks for following! Will I see you on campus this weekend at #lfhc2010?!
CarolynGolz: RT @: . The fireworks last night were great, well done to Pat Dogett. Preparing for tailgate on Sat! #lfhc2010 - Yay! New tradition?!
JaredMFox: Bumped into Olivia Olson '10 in the airport. Now I know there are three alums in New Orleans. Let the festivities begin. #lfhc2010
JaredMFox: Correction! Virginia Olson '10! #LFhc2010
RileyHutchinson: @ Thank you! The auto show went wonderfully tonight! Loving #lfhc2010 so much. See you this weekend :)

Friday, October 8th
TimState: Homecoming fun for alumni and parents starts at 9:30 with the Bob Amaden Golf Classic in Lake Bluff. Perfect day for golf! #LFhc2010
TerynJRobinson: Happy Homecoming, Lake Forest College! #lfhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: It's HERE! Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2010 is HERE! Can't wait to see all my Forester friends! #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: Special #lfhc2010 : @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
CarolynGolz: More #lfhc2010 : @ @ @ @
Jessica_Gardner: Special #lfhc2010 : @ @ @ @ @ @
Jessica_Gardner: En route to Lake Forest. Hope I remembered everything I need. If not they've got Marshall Field's in Market Square. Oh crap. No they don't.
JaredMFox: En route to Lake Forest. So excited. I, somehow, missed this ride to and from my 4 year home. #LFhc2010
RileyHutchinson: IT'S HERE. #lfhc2010
JaredMFox: @ is it #lfhc2010 or lfchc2010. I have seen two conflicting hash tags.
TimState: Dean Speros:"Mother Nature heard all of your prayers.Perfect weather, without reaching the much-too-hot 87 degrees for HC in '07." #lfhc2010
TimState: Lake Forest Twitterers... the hash tag for HC 2010 is #LFhc2010, short for "Lake Forest Homecoming 2010."
TimState: Don't miss the Taste of Chicago Lunch in Hart Dinning Hall beginning at 10:45 a.m. #LFhc2010
TimState: Fascinating topics this afternoon at the Forester Symposium! Check out the schedule. #LFhc2010
LFCollege: @ it's #lfhc2010 Thanks for following along!
TheHallDirector: I'm excited about the tasty Taste of Chicago lunch today on campus as well as some exciting symposium presentations! #lfhc2010
TimState: Daniel hangs the Welcome banner. #lfhc2010
LFCResLife: Hey residential Foresters! Do you know about all the fun Homecoming events this weekend? Check the schedule: #lfhc2010
TimState: Boomer's Bubbles are ready for the kids tomorrow. #LFhc2010
TheHallDirector: @ yummm yummm. Boomer goes Raaawwwrrr nom nom nom! #lfhc2010
CarolynGolz: RT @: Hey Foresters! Do you know about the fun Homecoming events this wknd? Check the schedule: #lfhc2010
CarolynGolz: Heading out to grab lunch and a seat at Soup and Stories. #LFhc2010
TimState: Overheard at the Taste of Chicago lunch: "This is the best lunch so far!" #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: LFC alum & member of BoT, Tamara Smith tells her story at Soup & Stories. #LFhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: RT @CarolynGolz LFC alum & member of BoT, Tamara Smith tells her story at Soup & Stories. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: "When one door closes, another one usu opens. Are you prepared for life's challenges?" T Smith. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: "We all make choices, the question is what's your attitude abt that choice? Are u motivated 2 make it work?" T Smith #LFhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: "Life is about relationships." Tamara Smith, Soup and Stories. #lfhc2010
CarolynGolz: Life is about creating opportunities for the future. Focus on continually learning. T Smith. Soup & Stories #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: Lessons abt creating opportunity: step outside your comfort zone, build relationships, work your network. T Smith #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: When job searching: research, first impressions, hard work are all important. T Smith. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: T Smith left Corp America to become CEO of YWCA to leave this Earth in a better place, and live her purpose & values. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: Happiness comes in little moments. Take the time to appreciate those moments. T Smith #LFhc2010
TimState: Homecoming Scene: relaxing under a tree. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: doesn't matter whether u winORlose, it's how you play the game. Even when u lose, you learn something. -quick pregame talk to WBB. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: The glass ceiling is there the barriers are there. Attitude can make a HUGE difference. Learned to play golf 2 B included. T Smith #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: Mentors & relationships can help navigate challenges. -TS #LFhc2010
LFCollege: @ Sounds like the Soup & Stories with Tamera Smith '80 has got everyone bursting with words of wisdom to share! #lfhc2010
WPittinos: Biodiversity and agriculture symposium presentation: who knew this course has no assigned classroom? Liberal arts at its best. #lfhc2010
CarolynGolz: @ Soup & Stories was a great session! The room was packed. #LFhc2010
TimState: The campus looks gorgeous today. #LFhc2010
TimState: Installing the ice sculpture for tonight's Boomer's Bash. Students are invited, too! #LFhc2010
TheHallDirector: Great presentation on the last decade of development at LFC by Art Miller #lfhc2010
CarolynGolz: @ Hopefully you'll find time to step away from hmwk and enjoy some HC celebrations. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: RT @: Installing ice sculpture for tonight's Boomer's Bash. Students are invited, too! #LFhc2010 -> C u there!
AlexReplied: @ will alumni be turned away from tailgating tomorrow if they haven't registered? #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: 2 alums debate 2 students: "Sarah Palin is good for feminism". #LFhc2010
WPittinos: @ making people laugh and cry during her presentation about Wrigley bleachers and community - remembering Ken and Les. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: The women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are good for feminism. Sarah Palin is NOT good for feminism. -alum debater #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: Sarah Palin acknow. that her view of fem doesn't fit in the small box that most fem put themselves in. -Student debater in favor #LFhc2010
WPittinos: @ says it's an unwritten rule in the bleachers that talk about work is forbidden. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: Boomers Bash set up - amazing how nice the gym looks! Round bar for all campus Happy Hour. #LFhc2010
WPittinos: "The bleachers are like your dog park." @ #LFhc2010
TimState: Alumni tailgate spots are full and any vehicle without a tailgate pass will be redirected; alumni are welcome to walk in. #LFhc2010
TimState: The cinnamon bear waits his fate as the Forestini is prepared. #LFhc2010
TimState: Cheryl and Laura are ready to greet donors #LFhc2010
TimState: In case there was any question at all, Class of 1968 is on campus. #LFhc2010
esLakeForest: Glenn and Liz gave a presentation about the garden at the homecoming symposium today. Thanks to all who attended! #LFhc2010
TimState: Overheard at Boomer's Bash: "This is stunning!" #LFhc2010
TimState: Carolyn and Colin wrist-banding students for Boomer's Bash. #LFhc2010
Mariob847: Happy hour! Starting #lfhc2010 off right
TheCaf: Wild lunch at the caf today...homecoming spirit is in the air!!! #lfhc2010
Louise_Barclay: Love it. Take one "driving a car" RT @: My goal for #lfhc2010 is to post risqué pictures that gets @ to block me. Can I do it?
TimState: For a brief moment, the champagne was missing. #LFhc2010
TheHallDirector: I love how nice everything looks! I'd like this for my office! #lfhc2010
TimState: About to transition to the Recreation & Sports Center Donor Dinner. #LFhc2010
JaredMFox: Saw so many amazing people today. Thanks to Public Safety Officer Cohen for the ride to the train. #LFhc2010
JaredMFox: They put my picture in the new sports center! #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: Setting up for Ellis & Katie Todd to perform at the bonfire. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: Ellis doing sound check. #LFhc2010 cc: @
CarolynGolz: Katie Todd doing sound check. Her dad is an alum of @! #LFhc2010 cc: @
Mariob847: Touring alumni reunions with the senior 25. Just hit 1960, now we're at 1968-70. #lfhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: On to party #2 of 6 for the nite.
WPittinos: Class of 1990 reminiscing about living in pre-remodeled Deerpath Hall - awesome stories. #lfhc2010
CarolynGolz: @ What? No pic? ;) #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: @ It sounds like you just need ID to get into tailgating. You can also register on site tomorrow. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: LFFD lighting the bonfire! #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: Burn baby burn! #LFhc2010
WPittinos: Spike's catching up with friends at the 1985 reunion in Durand Art Institute. #lfhc2010
Mariob847: #LFhc2010 I spy President Schutt at the Class of 1980 reunion!
TheHallDirector: Homecoming bonfire! #lfhc2010
TheHallDirector: We totally just talked to @ about how the weather was like the chocolate crunchy on ice cream! Yum! #lfhc2010
TheHallDirector: .@ performing at LFC! #lfhc2010
TerynJ: Tim finally takes a seat after a long day at work. #lfhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: Best part of 1990 reunion? Tuna salad croissants from Aramark! If you were here in 1990, you recall the Tuna Croissant Incident. #lfhc2010
TimState: The Donor Dinner was a smash hit! #LFhc2010
TimState: Boomer's Fruit spread. #LFhc2010
TimState: The students threw an awesome bonfire. #LFhc2010
Mariob847: #LFhc2010 this poor parking lot... Good luck tomorrow mr. Lot
TimState: 1968 rocks on into the night. #LFhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: Ending the night at The Full Moon. Is there a better way? Jessica_Gardner: At The Full Moon with Christopher. So many memories: late nite study sessions, @'s graduation party and more! #lfhc2010

Saturday, October 9th

TimState: @ You should have told me you were headed to the Full Moon!
TimState: @ @ Alumni can walk into tailgating today. Those without a Tailgate Pass can not enter with vehicles. #LFhc2010
TimState: Sunrise from Glen Rowan House. Perfect day for Homecoming. #LFhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: Funniest Friday moment: Alum I saw at Boomer's Bash says to me, "I heard your hubby & baby are here! I want to meet them." Me too. Me too.
TheCaf: Already received 6 text message saying "merry Christmas" #lfhc2010
RileyHutchinson: It's a great day to be a Forester. Happy happy Homecoming! #lfhc2010
Louise_Barclay: Wish I was going to be at #lfhc2010 today. Hope you all have lots of fun :) #misscollege
TimState: Setting out the spread for the Breakfast of Champions. #LFhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: I thought about doing the stairs at the beach. #lfhc2010
TimState: Getting the chips ready for the Forester Fare picnic lunch. #LFhc2010
TimState: The kitchen is preparing for tonight's Reunion Dinner and Dance. #LFhc2010
TimState: Making the magic happen. #LFhc2010
TimState: Ta-Da! Tonight's Centerpieces... #LFhc2010
TimState: Caitlyn Golz, the marshal of parade line-up. #LFhc2010
What's a trip to LFC without a trip to the beach???? #lfhc2010
TimState: Students are getting ready for the Parade. #LFhc2010
TimState: Grease is the WORD! #LFhc2010
TimState: Parade makeup. #LFhc2010
TimState: It's going to be close to 80 for today's Homecoming festivities. #LFhc2010
esLakeForest: Walking through the town square--yes!-- you can find homecoming spirit there. #LFhc2010
WPittinos: Football team just paraded through Middle Campus with bagpipes. #LFhc2010
Mariob847: #LFhc2010 parade marshal and just-retired hockey coach Tony Fritz chats it up with a few of his boys b4 the parade
Mariob847: #LFhc2010 Alpha Phi is almost too into their 101 Dalmations theme
Mariob847: #LFhc2010 look! The mail room float!
Jessica_Gardner: Look who's sporting some sexy red Chuck Taylor's! @! #lfhc2010
LFCollege: Homecoming parade is well on its way during this beautiful morning. #lfhc2010
TheHallDirector: Folks getting ready for the Homecoming parade in Middle Campus #lfhc2010
Mariob847: #LFhc2010 el desfile!
TimState: You try to organize a parade route and who knows which way it's going to go. #LFhc2010 #lostparadeagain
TheHallDirector: The parade emerges onto Middle Campus! #lfhc2010
TimState: Incredibles Parade! #LFhc2010
Fiolopez10: pup-phis :D :D :D #lfhc2010
LFCollege: Picnic Lunch begins in Middle Campus at the student center. #lfhc2010
TheHallDirector: Family carnival on Middle Campus #lfhc2010
TimState: Reunion dinner and Dance is sold out. #lfhc2010
JaredMFox: Vegetarians beware. The homecoming potato salad has bacon snuck in. :-( #lfhc2010
CarolynGolz: Who knew kid wrangling at the Family Carnival would be so difficult?! ;) #LFhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: Ladies of Class of 1980 reminiscing over Save the Date pics! #lfhc2010
JaredMFox: Tragic. #lfhc2010
TimState: And we're out of Jim Forester's fried chicken. #LFhc2010
TimState: The cheddar cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped hot dogs went in a flash! #LFhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: 2005 knows how to tailgate! #lfhc2010
TheHallDirector: The petting zoo is up! #lfhc2010
LFCollege: Couldn't have asked for a better day for Forester Football! #lfhc2010
LFCollege: Photo opps with Boomer. #lfhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: Retired President Eugene Hotchkiss and his famous bike! #lfhc2010
TimState: Score! Foresters get their first touchdown. #LFhc2010
CarolynGolz: RT @: Retired President Eugene Hotchkiss & his famous bike! #lfhc2010 - a man after my own heart.
LFCollege: Show us your Boomer tattoo! #lfhc2010
KayKayCrook: Sun is shining in the sky, there ain't a cloud in sight. Beautiful day for #lfhc2010. Sad I'm missing out! Have fun, foresters!
TimState: #lfhc2010 will football go into overtime?
CarolynGolz: @ So close! Sounds like it was a great game. #LFhc2010
CarolnGolz: RT “@ForesterScores: Forester football falls 33-27 to Beloit College in overtime.” -> So close! Great job, guys! #LFhc2010
JaredMFox: A real princess. #lfhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: Can you believe THIS is Szabo????? #lfhc2010
Jessica_Gardner: Best LFC Homecoming & Reunion Weekend EVER. Thanks @, Suzanne Nyren, Dolores Lotysz, and ALL Reunion Volunteers! #lfhc2010
TimState: The lead singer for the band at the reunion dance has Sonny Bono hair and a porn-stache. HOT! #LFhc2010
TheHallDirector: Popped collar and black frame glasses all the way back to the future at the Homcoming Dance! #lfhc2010

Sunday, October 10th
TheHallDirector: Rick Cohen takes the drums! #lfhc2010
TimState: Homecoming Weekend comes to a rocking close! #LFhc2010
Mariob847: #lfhc2010 and my homecoming ends in proper fashion.
Jessica_Gardner: The bags under my eyes today need their own zipcode, but they are so worth it given all the fun I had at Homecoming! #lfhc2010
So that was the weekend. I hope you enjoyed the recap!

For the official Lake Forest College Homecoming pictures on Flickr, click here. The Class of 1980 also has pictures on Flickr.

Thanks to everyone who made the weekend spectacular - faculty, staff, students, alumni, and parents! You each made it perfect!

And remember, Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2011 is right around the corner on September 30th & October 1st, 2011!

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