Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What I Want for Christmas . . .

Ya, I know that Christmas is more than two months away, but these are gonna be some red hot items thanks to Stephen Colbert last night. I'm certain the Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids, the "Christine O'Donnell Rainy Day Book of Masturbation Alternatives" (She's not a witch, by the way. On a tangent, does her statement "I'm not a witch" remind anyone else of another famous "I am not" statement - maybe "I am not a crook" by Richard Nixon? I'm just saying.), and "Down on the Farm with Carl Paladino" will sell out quickly and definitely be the hottest kids toys this year. Every child needs to learn that story about the woman and the horse. Educational AND fun!

In case you missed it, watch Stephen's Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger segment below and see for yourself (watch the first 1:50 of the video and you'll see what I mean).

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Tip/Wag - Tea Party Coloring Book & CALM Legislation
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  1. I clicked on that coloring book link to Amazon. I got a blank screen and the rainbow death spiral for 5 minutes. I had to reboot. Somehow, this seems quite appropriate. Ask a tea party member an intelligent question and you'll get a blank look for five minutes. I won't be purchasing this item.

  2. That's so bizarre. When I click on the link, it takes me right to the Amazon page with the coloring book. My favorite part of the page is where it says it "usually ships in 1-2 MONTHS." Emphasis mine. Months? Really? My enthusiasm will wane in that time.

  3. Tea Party Coloring book causes shortage of white crayons.



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