Monday, November 15, 2010

Professional Women's Council: Pairing Wine for the Holidays

Do you feel like you're never quite sure what wine to serve with turkey, duck, salmon, beef or whatever else you're serving during the holiday season?

I'm never certain and always end up pouring exactly the same thing: a Chardonnay I like. It may or may not be the right wine to serve with Nana's Fruitcake, but I like it and so it must be okay, right? Maybe yes and maybe no.

Come to the Professional Women's Council on Wednesday, November 17th from 5-7pm* at Tuscan Market & Wine Shop in downtown Arlington Heights (141 W. Wing St.), where owner Amy Philpott will teach us all about wine pairing for the holidays. Of course, this will be experiential learning with lots of wine to taste and yummy appetizers!

Bring lots of business cards for networking with other members of PWC!

Register online at the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce's website.

When you attend this PWC, your holiday guests will surely rave all year about how you were the hostess with the mostest!

*Please note the time change. We chose to move the time for this month's PWC because we thought an after-work time was more appropriate for a wine tasting than the middle of the day.

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