Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 1 of Birthapalooza was FABULOUS!

I should be exhausted. It's almost midnight and I'm completely wide awake after a spectacular birthday. Well, after Day 1 of Birthapalooza. There's still 2 more days to go.

To be sure, it started out a little iffy with a bad migraine and LOTS of nausea. Don't get any funny ideas, it was just my body telling me that it really is going to fall apart any second.

But then it got better in a huge hurry. Birthday text messages, tweets, Facebook messages, emails, cards, at least 5 serenades of "Happy Birthday" and gifts. Plus, cupcakes, lunch, and a fabulous dinner followed by chocolate cake at the beach!

Plus, the Stargazer Lilies in my garden bloomed today!
If I'm ever feeling down about myself, all I need to do is go back to all those generous messages and feel all the love all over again. My cup completely runneth over. My birthday was better than anything I could have imagined and only Day 1 is over. In fact, as we stood at the beach tonight, I searched for that first star of the evening (you know, to make a wish - doesn't everyone do that?), but when I found it, I realized there was nothing to wish for. I have everything I ever wanted that truly matters. So I just stood there feeling grateful because I am truly blessed.

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  1. Glad you're having a great "birthapalooza"! (Aside from the migraine, that is.)

    By the way, I LOVE stargazer lilies! My favorite flowers!


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