Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Betsey & Ross

Yes, yes, yes. I know Betsey and Ross died just over three months ago.

But today would be their 16th birthdays and I can't celebrate the Fourth of July and not think of them and all the joy they brought into my life for just under 16 years.

Ross enjoyed being a talker. He had a lot to say and never shied away from telling me what was on his mind. Although fireworks weren't his thing, he loved that everyone took July 4th to celebrate him. Ross would also want to know why he wasn't getting a car for his birthday. The answer that he was a cat and cats don't drive didn't really cut it.

Betsey knew her own beauty, but was never conceited about it. She loved a good party as much as anyone and loved celebrating her birthday.  She would enjoy extra cat nip and a good nap before putting her brother in his place.

Happy Birthday Betsey and Ross. I miss celebrating you today and hope you're having a big ole bash in Kitty Heaven.

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  1. What better day than Independence Day to celebrate/remember two patriotic cats!


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