Thursday, November 22, 2012

LMS Gratitude List - Thanksgiving 2012 Version

I have so much to be grateful for this year and am not entirely sure where to begin. I guess the best way is just to dive in.

I'm grateful for my family. For my mom, my dad, Dave, my cousins, and my aunts and uncles. It's no secret I think my family is pretty crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm grateful for my friends, who I believe are the family I choose. My friends are my rocks.

I'm particularly grateful for one friend who took a desperate phone call I made to him one Friday in late May.

I'm grateful for the broken heart I experienced earlier this year. And I'm even more grateful to say I'm on the other side of it now.

I'm grateful for my health. That's no small thing. The last few months have been a bit scary. I'm also incredibly grateful for my health insurance. Not having to worry about how to afford medical tests, doctor visits, or possible surgery is priceless.

I'm grateful for a job I love and that I'm really good at. Really. And I'm grateful for the opportunities that didn't come to fruition this year. If they had, I might not be in such a good place now.

I'm grateful that I got to be Betsey and Ross's mom for almost 16 years and for the past 6 months, I've gotten to be Sammy and Zoe's mom. I hope we have 16 wonderful years together too.

I'm grateful that after only 35 days on the market, we accepted an offer on Nana's house and that the sale closed today. I'm grateful for an incredibly smart broker who priced the house well and actively marketed it.

I'm grateful for you, the readers of Little Merry Sunshine. You kept reading Little Merry Sunshine even when I wasn't writing. You commented when I did. You showed concern, but never pressured me when I didn't.

By no means is this list all inclusive. My heart is so full of gratitude that it's a bit overwhelming. The bottom line is that even during the tough times, I'm incredibly blessed and when I focus on life's blessings the tough times are easier and the good times are even better.

I hope your cup runneth over with gratitude this Thanksgiving and that you're spending the day with those you love.

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