Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More LMS Life Lessons: Don't Bite Your Friends

Yesterday, here on Little Merry Sunshine, we learned that, despite what the good folks at Disney tell you, being a princess is not a career. That's an important life lesson.

In fact, one of my blog readers and real life college friends, Sonya, wrote to me this morning to tell me that after watching the yesterday's video, her lovely and smart daughter decided to become a veterinarian when she grows up and she wants to be Sammy and Zoey's vet! She even promised to give them healthy treats after each check-up! Talk about awesome customer service. Sonya's amazing daughter is going to be the best vet in the world.

Today, we need to focus on another important life lesson: Don't bite your friends.

And, by the way, you can substitute "obnoxious little brothers (or sisters)," "co-workers," "enemies," "family members," "teachers," "police officers," "bosses," or "pets" for friends and it still applies. Do not ever bite any of those people.

I know, it really should go without saying, but biting is not nice. In fact, biting someone is a quick way to lose friends, your job, or even wind up in jail (I've heard). It's also rude and gross..

Bottom line: Just don't bite people.

To help us remember this important life lesson, we've got a song and video that you'll want to watch and share with everyone you know. As always, if your email of Little Merry Sunshine didn't include the video, jump out to the web and watch the video. It'll make your day.

Special thanks are in order to my high school friend Portia for posting this on Facebook earlier today and inspiring my blog post.

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