Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweep! Cubs Win Over White Sox!

The Cubs just swept the first half of the 2008 Crosstown Classic against the White Sox! So many things made this series special, but here's just a few . . .
  • The Cubs are currently the best team in the Major League at 47-28!
  • At home for the year, the Cubs are 32-8!
  • Tonight's 7-1 victory over the White Sox makes the 14th straight win at home for the Cubs, the longest streak since 1936!
  • The White Sox are also in 1st place in their division with a 41-33 record!
  • Going back to 1906, the Cubs have won 37 of 70 games against the White Sox, but that must not count the exhibition games the Cubs and Sox played for most of last century. I only remember those because I went to one in 1983 or 1984 at Comiskey Park with my family.
So I guess Ozzie Guillen has more reasons to hate Wrigley Field than just the "pig sized rats" in the outfield during batting practice!

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