Monday, March 8, 2010

I Won A Lincoln Navigator! Maybe.

Because I work for myself and from my home, I sometimes get some bizarre phone calls. I also get some strange phone calls because my phone number is one digit off from a local auto parts store. Despite the number of times I explain to some people that I'm not the auto parts store, some people call back three or four times in a day. For the record, I know nothing about cars and anything I might tell anyone about car parts would surely be made up. But this isn't about those calls . . .

About 7:45 tonight I received what will surely go down as the strangest phone call in weeks.
Me (in a chipper voice): Hello.

Caller: Hi. I'm calling to inform you that someone at your house was entered to win a Lincoln Navigator by another person and you've won. Can you come to a winners' ceremony tomorrow?

Me (suspiciously): Um, for whom are you calling?

Caller: Oh, sorry. I'm calling for (name of some company I've since forgotten - probably fake).

Me: No. I mean, for whom in my house are you calling?

Caller: Oh, I don't know.

Me: Then how do you know I've won?

Caller: (Total silence)

Me: Well, then I guess we're busy tomorrow. Thanks for calling. Good bye.

And I hung up.
Yep. Just a typical Monday night at my house.

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