Monday, March 22, 2010

This I Believe

I was running out to meet a friend for lunch yesterday and was radio station surfing when I landed on NPR. What I heard was a recording of a monologue from years ago given by a man sharing his belief about living the Golden Rule. I knew it was from years ago because of the kind of scratchy quality to it and some of the language. I was mesmerized and sat in my car for the remainder of the monologue, even though I was late. I simply had to know the name of the speaker because his words resonated with me and I could not turn off the car until I knew.

As this unknown man neared the end of his monologue, he said something I cannot get out of my head and I firmly believe, as well. "It seems to me better to have a little religion and practice it than think piously and do nothing about it."

Who was this man? His name is Albert Nesbitt, President of the John J. Nesbitt Company from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and he was reading his contribution titled "How To Refill An Empty Life" that first aired as part of Edward R. Murrow's 1950s radio series "This I Believe," is now replayed on NPR, and is available on podcasts.

When I came home, I Googled Albert Nesbitt and "This I Believe" and discovered a fascinating website of the same name. I also discovered a larger international project collecting essays from people sharing their core values. So far, they have over 70,000 essays and they're taking submissions! WOW.

I can't wait to sit down and write out my core values and submit my own story. This is awesome.

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  1. I needed that. Thanks. Yesterday brought a lot of crazy out in people of great religious conviction. It's good to be reminded that a person can have a strong religious belief and use it to guide them through the world in a compassionate and rational manner.


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