Friday, March 5, 2010

LMS Follow-up: World News Tonight & Today Show Stories on Grace Groner

Finally the World News Tonight embed code works! Here's the story. I love the old photos of LFC.

What are the lessons we can learn from Grace Groner? Over time, the equivalent of a few pennies can turn into millions or as one LFC student says in the Facebook group he started yesterday, A Little Does A Lot. Living a life of frugality doesn't mean being a miser or going without. Living within our means can mean others can live better. Humility is a virtue.

Enjoy the videos.

Good Morning America ran a story about Grace too!

Grace Groner's story even made the Today Show this morning.

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Now The Huffington Post has Grace's story!

Secret Millionaire Donates Her Millions to Illinois Alma Mater

Grace Groner lived frugally in a one-bedroom house. According to the Chicago Tribune, she rarely made large purchases, and her house was decorated plainly with some furniture and an antique television.

When she passed away at the age of 100, her alma mater, Lake Forest College, was astounded to find that Groner had left them $7 million dollars.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Groner's estate, which stemmed from a $180 stock purchase she made in 1935, was worth $7 million.

The money is going into a foundation that will enable many of Lake Forest's 1,300 students to pursue internships and study-abroad programs they otherwise might have had to forgo. It will be an appropriate memorial to a woman whose life was a testament to the higher possibilities of wealth.

Lake Forest College is a liberal arts school in northeast Illinois, about 35 miles north of Chicago. Groner graduated from the school in 1931. Good Morning America covered the story.

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