Friday, May 28, 2010

Calling All Foresters: LFC Needs YOU!

If you're a regular reader of Little Merry Sunshine, you know what a fan I am of my alma mater, Lake Forest College. This morning, I had the pleasure of reaching out to some of my fellow Foresters and asking them to support the College's Annual Fund before the fiscal year ends on Monday.

Because so many of LMS's readers are Foresters, I thought I'd share my email with all of you. If you've already given to the College already this year, maybe you'll consider making one more gift. If you haven't given to the Annual Fund this year, please make a donation. No matter the size, every gift makes a huge difference. And while you're on the Gateway making your donation, please don't forget to hit the Brag Button and brag about it on Facebook.
Dear Forester Friends,

I’m writing to you today in my capacity as an Alumni Board member. As you may know, the end of the College’s fiscal year is upon us, and now more than ever, Lake Forest College needs our support.

With the state of the economy, the College, just like many of us, is enduring tough times. More than ever before, students are needing more financial aid. The College has responded to this need proactively and is doing all that it can to help every student, so that no one needs to give up on their dream of a college education because of a lack of funds. Obviously, faculty and staff need to be paid and it costs money to maintain the status quo of the College.

When I think back on my days at the College, I know they wouldn’t have been possible without the generous financial aid package the College gave me. I also think about the opportunities the College gave me to study off-campus and the relationships I developed over 20 years ago that are still some of the most long-lasting and important friendships I have. The lessons I learned at Lake Forest have made me a better person and greatly influenced my belief that to whom much is given, much is expected. It’s why I always give to Lake Forest College. I want to make sure that for generations to come, every student who wishes to attend Lake Forest can do so and have the same incredible experiences I had.

We each have our own unique Forester stories and I know we can each point to specific ways in which the College helped shape our lives. Maybe you met your spouse at the College. Maybe you can point to a specific incident that changed some of your fundamental beliefs. Maybe you had a campus job or internship that blossomed into a career. Maybe your roommate freshman year is still your best friend today. Maybe a certain professor believed in you in a way no one else ever had. Whatever your Forester stories, they are yours and they helped make you who you are today.

It’s my hope that when you think about your own Forester stories, you will remember just how much was made possible because of the College and want to help today’s students create their own Forester stories.

Any gift you can make to the Annual Fund before the fiscal year ends at midnight Monday, May 31st will make a huge difference. Gifts can be made online at or you can mail a check to:
Derek Lambert
Associate Director of Annual Giving
Lake Forest College
555 North Sheridan Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Thank you in advance for your gift to the College and helping today’s students achieve their dreams.

With Forester Pride

Jessica Gardner ‘93
Co-Chair, Alumni Relations Committee, Alumni Board

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