Monday, May 10, 2010

My Next Favorite Book: Heroes for My Son

It's no secret that I love Brad Meltzer books (and Brad himself) and that I plug them and him every opportunity I have. Well, it's time for Brad's new book to hit the shelves.

Heroes for my Son is Brad's first non-fiction book and contains "52 real-life heroes. 52 stories. 52 reminders that anything is possible." "Since the day my first son was born, I've been writing this book for him. It's a collection of heroes throughout history. Some are famous (Jim Henson, Rosa Parks, Mr. Rogers). Some you've never heard of. The result is this book - a gift to my sons. As I share it with them, I hope you'll share it with the heroes in your life." (both quotes from the promotional postcard for Heroes for My Son).

See the story behind the book below.

I'll be at my local bookstore on Tuesday getting my copy of Heroes for My Son. I'll probably have it read before I close my eyes. I can't wait. The world needs more heroes and I think Brad is a hero for reminding us that there is a hero in each of us.
Go buy Heroes for My Son. You'll love it. Trust me. And buy a copy for your favorite hero.

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