Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Best Christmas Gift or First Date Idea EVER

I know that my birthday was just a few days ago, but you're probably scratching your head as you wonder what you can get me for Christmas this year. Now, while there's no possible way to top the super cool gifts I received two years ago from Karen Zipdrive, you can come close this year by giving me a trip to Cubs Fantasy Camp at Wrigley Field!

Yes, seriously. If you know me even slightly, you know how much I love the Cubs and would be over the moon at the chance to put my custom-made Cubs uniform and take a run around the bases while taking hits off Rick Sutcliffe and getting batting tips from "Mr. Cub" Ernie Banks and Billy Williams. In fact, I've already saved the dates of August 8th and 9th, so you don't need to worry I may have a scheduling conflict.

It's only $7,500. Isn't the joy you'll bring me for the rest of my life worth at least that?

Oh, this would also be the absolute best first date ever, in case a certain cute boy would like to take me there on our first date (in that case, he could save by purchasing the group tix for two for $6,000 each). Let's be clear though, I'm not so into the threesome group idea ($5,000 each). I'm just saying.

Cubs offer fantasy camp deal for $7,500

by Paul Sullivan, Chicago Tribune, June 23, 2010

SEATTLE -- The Cubs are offering diehard fans a chance to emulate their pin-striped heroes, though getting doubled off second base on a routine fly to left is strictly optional.

"Cubs Fantasy Camp at Wrigley Field" is the latest in a series of revenue-enhancers announced by the Cubs in 2010, following the PNC Club, the Toyota sign and the Noodle.

For a mere $7,500, a Cubs' fan will get batting tips from Ernie Banks and Billy Williams, a custom made Cubs' uniform, a chance to take batting practice off Rick Sutcliffe, a day in a private suite for a Cubs-Reds game on Aug. 8, a one-day contract and a chance to play in a game on the actual field on Aug. 9, when the Cubs will be in San Francisco.

In a news release, the Cubs said the fantasy camp "gives some of our most loyal fans" the chance to pretend to be a Cub. Those "loyal fans" also need to have some disposable income at the price of $7,500, though groups of two are offered for $6,000 apiece, and groups of three can get in for $5,000 apiece.

Participants will be granted access to the Cubs' clubhouse and will sign one-day contracts. After the game, a news conference will follow in the interview room, where participants will presumably sit in the same seat that Lou Piniella gives his post-mortems after one-run losses. No word on whether Cub-friendly reporters will be invited to ask the questions.

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