Thursday, September 9, 2010

Charlie Brown, Snoopy & The Rest of the Gang Are Retiring

We've got a whole lot of problems in this world, but none is bigger than this: Effective February 26,2011 Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang will no longer bring joy to kids of all ages around the world via the morning funny papers.

Yes, I'm serious.

And yes, I know that Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Peanuts died on February 12, 2000, the same weekend the last original Peanuts cartoon ran and that since then Peanuts have been in reruns. I don't care. What I care about is that I can no longer open my morning comics and find Calvin & Hobbes, Cathy (effective October 3, 2010), Bloom County, The Far Side, and now Peanuts.

I LOVED Peanuts when I was a kid. I remember reading the funny papers with my dad on Sunday mornings while we waited on my mom as she got ready for church. I loved it. We always started with Peanuts. In college, I recall having breakfast with my friends in Szabo and passing around the comics in the Tribune. We shared many laughs together over Calvin and Hobbes (that links to my favorite Calvin & Hobbes of all time), but I continued to hold a soft spot for Peanuts. Actually, reading the comics may have started my life as a news junkie. Without fail, anytime I pick up a real newspaper, which isn't often now in this time of online news, I always read the comics first.

In honor of permanent retirement of Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang, I bring you the first and last Peanuts comic strips.

First Peanuts comic strip, October 2, 1950

The last original Peanuts comic strip. It was originally scheduled to run on February 13, 2000, which had been declared Charles M. Schulz Day by the California lawmakers. Charles Schulz died the night before this comic ran.

Who can forget the Peanuts Theme Song? It only took a few bars to know you were about to laugh hysterically, always rooting for Charlie Brown to actually kick Lucy's football (which he never did).

As everyone knew, Snoopy was a World War 1 Flying Ace and his arch-enemy was the Red Baron.

We also learned many valuable lessons from Snoopy and the gang.

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