Monday, September 6, 2010

Do You Have a Need for Speed?*

Officers Poncherello and Baker and Sgt. Getraer will not be this "CHIPper" when they pull you over.

If you've got a need for speed and you're driving in Illinois, you'd better have a wallet overflowing with cash because starting September 15th, giving into that need is going to cost up to 60% more.

Here's a small breakdown of the increased fines, thanks to NBC5Chicago and ABC7.
  • Get a ticket for speeding up to 20 mph over the posted speed limit and you'll pay $120 (up from $75 - that's a 60% increase!);
  • If your lead foot is going 21-30 mph over the speed limit, you'll be out $140 (up from $95 - a 50% increase);
  • And if you're doing your best Dale Earnhardt impression going 31-40 mph over the limit (and the cops can catch you), you'll be $160 poorer (up from $105 - a 52% increase);
  • No seat belt? That'll cost you $60 (up from $55); and
  • If you're caught driving on a suspended license or if you permit someone to drive under the influence, starting September 15th, you'll pay $1500 (a $500 increase).
So remember kids: always buckle up, drive the speed limit, stay off the roads when a court orders you to, and always have a designated driver if your night includes alcohol, no matter what the fines are. Don't be like Sammy Hagar; drive 55 and stay alive.

*Apologies to Goose and Maverick from Top Gun. In spite of it clearly being 70s and 80s day at LMS, this is a very serious topic.

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