Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Questions! I Got Questions!

Thank you so much to everyone for the incredible outpouring of support you gave me in response to my post last night about my new job as the Alumni Relations & Events Manager at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Your good wishes and encouragement really mean a lot to me.

Along with all the wonderful support, I also received some very good questions and I thought I would just hold a "press conference" on LMS to answer them.

Now that you've got this new job, will you continue to do Mary Kay?

Great question! Thank you for asking. Yes, I will continue my Mary Kay business, much the way I do now. I will continue to offer Wacky Wednesday specials for my clients via email and deliver their products in a timely manner. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to offer daytime appointments, but I will still be able to see my wonderful clients on evenings and weekends. I love my Mary Kay business and my clients and cannot imagine giving it up.

What about your involvement with the Chamber? Will you still be active on the Board and in the Professional Women's Council?

I will continue to be a member of the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce because I believe wholeheartedly in their mission of supporting local businesses and because as an entrepreneur, there is simply no better organization of which to be a member. Unfortunately, I did have to step down from the Board of Directors yesterday and, more than likely, I won't be able to attend PWC. Stepping down from the Board was a difficult decision, as I've thoroughly enjoyed being part of all that's been accomplished over the past two years, but stepping down was the only way I could pursue this opportunity. PWC is also a great group and I give lots of credit to for making my Mary Kay business so successful. The event planning experience I gained by chairing PWC was invaluable in helping me secure my new job.

What about Little Merry Sunshine? Will you continue to write Little Merry Sunshine and will you start posting more often?

Little Merry Sunshine isn't going anywhere. I love writing my blog and have missed writing it. I've been lazy about it the past few months for a number of reasons that are unimportant now. Truthfully, I have a number of posts that are about half finished. It's my hope that I'll feel more inspired to write.

How do Betsey & Ross feel about your new job?

Well, that's a good question. Frankly, I hadn't even considered it, but because you asked, I asked them and here's the transcript of their response:

"Betsey and Ross wish to express their sincere congratulations to their mom on her new job at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. We will remain happy for her as long as this job has no negative impact on our lives. As long as we still have constantly full food bowls and clean litter boxes, we'll be fine. Our only other concern is that her new early rising time will disrupt our beauty sleep, but we'll fix that by scratching her eyes out in her sleep. Ha! Ha! We jest!"

Well, that's not exactly the ringing selfless endorsement I suppose I was hoping for, but they are cats and it did mention me, so that's positive.

I know that Lake Forest Graduate School of Management isn't part of Lake Forest College, but aren't they located on the LFC campus? How will it feel to work on the campus of your alma mater?

It is true that LFGSM used to be located in what is now known as Buchanan Hall on the South Campus of Lake Forest College, but they moved to their "new" headquarters in West Lake Forest (off of Rte. 60, just east of I-94) some time in the last decade (I don't remember exactly when).

How much are you getting paid?

I'm sorry, but that's a very personal question and one I will not answer. Next question, please.

Will you continue to volunteer on the Alumni Board at Lake Forest College?

Yes. I will definitely remain on the Alumni Board at LFC. In fact, I'm participating in Speed Networking at the end of the month. By the way, you're a LFC alum...have you donated to the Annual Fund yet this year? Click here to donate (even if you're not an alum you can donate).

Is it true that you have officially declared that "Winter is dead to me"?

Yes, that's true. If you live anywhere near Chicago, you know that on top of the blizzard last week and more snow this winter than we typically have, we are now experiencing the coldest weather in years. It's something like -15 tonight. Seriously. That's cold. I'm done with Winter. It is dead to me. Spring can't arrive fast enough. Thank God that pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in 5 days and Cubs Opening Day is a mere 50 days away.

Okay folks, that's all the questions for today. We'll hold another press conference soon.

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