Monday, February 9, 2009

Brad's At It Again!

Have you ever wanted to be part of a New York Times Best Selling Author's next novel? Well, you're in luck! New York Times Best Selling Author Brad Meltzer is looking to cast your life in his next novel!

As you'll recall, Brad featured parts of my life in his last novel, The Book of Lies. And it started just this way. I'll be honest with you, when I answered Brad's email, I didn't have any idea he would find anything interesting in the stories I told him. And I was nervous. What I shared with him, I really hadn't shared before. But he took good care of deep secrets and I know he'll take care of your story too.

So take a deep breath and write Brad an email. It could be the best thing you ever do! And you could be immortalized in his next novel!

Be in the New Novel

Yes, it’s that treasured time again: when I offer to cast your life in a book, in the hopes that you’ll share something private, real, and most important, honest about your personal life for the benefit of this imaginary character I’m working on. In the past, some of the best details for characters have come from friends and readers, so before we go forward, let’s go through the usual disclaimer: if you reply to this (whether you post or send me a private message), I actually may use it in a book, so you waive your rights to sue me, hate me, or give me Indian burns. In fact, at least three readers/friends from this blog were in the last book (see the Acknowledgments, though a few more asked their names withheld).

Now onto the personal question:

Are you (or have you ever known) someone who grew up with an absent parent -- or more specifically -- without knowing who one of your parents was? (could be by death, abandonment, divorce or because they left or you never knew who they were) If so, how did it affect your life? (And I mean that specifically. Not just, “It made me insecure, or strong, or whatever.” How did that insecurity or strength actually manifest?) As always, personal examples (incidents/dreams/fears/stories) are always best. And if you want to send something private, please send to bradmeltzer27 [AT] gmail [dot] com. And again, thanks for the honesty -- that’s easily the most vital and appreciated part.

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  1. No. He can't use my life because I'm using in on my blog. Maybe next time though.


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