Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is Hosting the Oscars Naked Really Too Much To Ask?

Why would you tease us like that, Hugh?

The Oscars were 3 1/2 long hours. Despite what others may say, it was not original or funny. It was long and drawn out and often boring.

What would have made it less painful?

YOU, NAKED. Just like you promised.


  1. He's damn fine to look at and that's all that matters to me. If he was naked, the viewership among women and gay men would have skyrocketed and the Oscars would have had their highest ratings in years.

  2. No need to actually watch the Oscars. Next year, skip it and then search YouTube for the parts you want to see. Saves a lot of time. I don't think Hugh is gay. He played a gay character on Broadway, but that of course does not make one gay. Personally, I go for Keith Olbermann over Hugh, but I'm old and fat and like old and fat guys as long as they're liberal.

  3. Like you Ellen Beth, my only real requirement is that the man in my life a Liberal. I ONLY sleep with Democrats.


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