Monday, February 9, 2009

I Thank W Because . . . ???

Have you seen the website I Thank W?

The gist of it is that evidently there are folks who think W was a good president and are grateful for the 8 years he stole from us. When they visit the site, they are encouraged to complete the sentence "I thank W because . . . "

So you don't have to burn your retinas by visiting the site, here are some actual testimonials. I swear these are real. I couldn't put these words together to save my life.
Mark in Bronxville says "I thank W because he steered us through the dangerous world following the events of September 11, 2001. He kept his promise of keeping us safe. He was a good man who restored respect to the Oval Office. His heart reached across the world and sought to bring freedom to all. He was the real deal. A good man. He was not guided by being the most popular person, but instead was guided by doing what he felt was really right. Thank you President Bush for 8 years of solid leadership."

Diedre Himel of Kingwood, TX writes "I thank W because . . . Bush is a great moral leader, a true father of our country in the same honored tradition as our great forefathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln."

Beckye Estill of Cedar Park hails "I thank W because... he stood firmly against terrorists and worked to keep America safe. We have had no attacks on American soil since 9-11 due to his vigilance. He has stood firmly in protecting life from conception to natural death. He has stood firmly for faith and freedom. His strong moral stance has helped hold the tide of moral degeneration in our nation. He has stood firmly for marriage between one man and one woman. His work to provide help for those with AIDS will go down as one of the major achievements of his administration. He and Laura have been great examples for our nation, and I'm grateful God placed him in the position of leadership on our behalf. God bless you and your family. I look forward to seeing the good plans God has in store for you in the future."
The best part? All of these "testimonials" will be collected in a book and presented to Chimpy on January 20, 2010! Yes, really.

A (formerly good) friend of mine inadvertently alerted me to it this afternoon and I'm certain I will never be the same. In fact, I can feel the brain matter inside my head has diminished after reading just a couple of posts over there. I should have simply stuck forks in my eyes. It would have been more pleasurable than reading that drivel.


  1. So George set up a website for himself. Awesome.

    Oh, another thing...OMG are those people fucking crazy! How many people did he put to deth as governor? How many did he have killed in Iraq? He fucking tortured people! His contribution to ending AIDS?? Well, he threw money at it but wouldn't let any go to condom distribution! He's not the equivilant of Millard Fillmore let alone Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. OMG...Oh, phew my reason to stop ranting is here...OMG!

  2. I heard similar comments yesterday at a party. God, I hate it when my friends marry idiots.


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