Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rest in Peace Socks

Betsey and Ross are simply beside themselves tonight at the horrible news that their dear friend Socks passed away earlier today. Although they weren't related, Betsey and Ross felt they shared a special kinship with Socks because they all lived in Washington, DC simultaneously from 1996-2000.

Through their publicist (that's me), Betsey and Ross issue the following statement: "To President Clinton, Madame Secretary Clinton, Chelsea, and Ms. Currie, we send you our deepest sympathies and regrets. Being cats ourselves, we understand the love and devotion Socks felt for each of you. Socks was loyal and comforting to each of you during difficult times and playful and flirty during the happy times. He was a true member of the family, as all cats are. Obviously, nothing can take away the sadness you are feeling at this time, but know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Socks was a true American patriot and will be dearly missed."

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