Monday, November 16, 2009

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's a . . . Bra That Turns Into a Putting Green?

I know that soon you're going to think that Little Merry Sunshine is obsessed with breasts, but I assure you that is absolutely not the case.

That said, we were taken aback a few days ago when our good friend Klambity Jane sent us this bizarre story and video about a bra that turns into a putting green and golf skirt with the words "Be Quiet" on the rear that doubles as a golf flag.

I also wonder if this would be appropriate attire for any of those fun charity golf outings that I must now attend, although I'm not exactly a "keen golfing lady," so maybe not. I guess I've got about 7 months to figure that out.

Bra That Can Be Used As A Golf Putting Mat
Lingerie makers Triumph have unveiled the 'Nice Cup in Bra', which can be removed, rolled out and used as a putting mat for the keen golfing lady.
By Harriet Alexander, November 11, 2009

Triumph have designed the new bra to appeal to Japan's busy golfing women.

The green corset-style garment can be removed and unrolled to create a 1.5m-long putting mat.

When the user sinks a putt into one of the cups, a built-in speaker pumps out a congratulatory "Nice shot!".

The bra also features pockets for extra golf balls and tees, and a detachable flag pin that serves as a score pencil.

The bra set comes with a skirt with the words "Be Quiet" printed on the rear, which doubles up as a flag for use on the course.

Quite how the user is supposed to do cover herself when she removes the underwear is unclear.

Twice a year, Triumph unveils a new novelty bra in Japan to highlight social trends.

The novelty bras are generally designed to raise awareness of an issue, rather than be worn regularly.

Triumph claim that the Nice Cup in Bra is a response to the growing popularity of golf among Japanese women.

In previous years the company have invented the postal bra – with pockets for letters – and a chopstick bra made from miso soup and rice bowls, with a special holder for chopsticks.

In May they unveiled the novelty husband hunter bra, which features a countdown clock that stops once an engagement ring is inserted into the mechanism, and plays Mendelssohn's "The Wedding March".

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  1. Uhmmmm.... errrrr.... uhmmmmm....

    As for being breast obsessed... It's a part of our culture...


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