Friday, November 27, 2009

Little Merry Sunshine is Now a Front-Hug Free Zone

I had no idea what a sinner I am with my front hugs, which I'll admit I like. Effective immediately, Little Merry Sunshine is repenting and there will be no "front-hugging" allowed at Little Merry Sunshine.

The Side-Hug: Youth Group Puts Down Sinful "Front-Hugs" With Rap

Dan Abramson, Huffington Post, November 24, 2009

Christian youth groups finally have an alternative to normal, aka "front," hugs. As we all know, face to face embraces run the horrific risk of a clothed crotch graze. The Christian Side-Hug (or the CSH, as the kids call it) rids us of sin, as the only below the belt contact will be some good old-fashioned hip on hip action.

To help the side-hug fad sweep the nation, let us present this hardcore rap song. Yup, side-hugging has hit the streets. The group has as many emcees as the Wu-Tang Clan and as much power as a barbershop quartet.

Look out for the ominous sirens blasting on the track. Clearly, these are gangsters on the run from the law - probably from side-hugging up a storm! One emcee (wearing his bandanna 2pac-style no less) admits to taking part in the forbidden front-hug. But don't worry, God. He's married.

At the end, they all simulate getting shot and dying. We can only hope there are side-hugs in heaven.


For more on the Christian Side-Hug, see what the Washington City Paper and Mother Jones have to say.


  1. This must be a joke right?? Holy shit, this is possibly one of the stupidest songs I have ever heard, oh well I guess there will no more Christian rap for me.

  2. Was there a great deal of Christian rap in your world, Boxer?

    According to Steve Johnson in today's Tribune, this whole thing may have been a joke. Although given some of the crazy stuff that comes out of the Christian Right (abstinence only education, for example), I can see this as being serious. Read the comments on the Steve Johnson column, I think you'll laugh pretty hard.


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