Friday, April 9, 2010

Watervale Easter 2010

It's been almost 2 years since I was last at Watervale. I didn't go last summer because it was right after Nana died and I needed to spend some time with my mom, so I went back to Florida instead. For some unknown reason, I haven't even taken any long weekends at Watervale, which seems crazy since Dave lives there. Knowing that I needed to get away for a few days, Dave suggested I come up a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, I got sick that weekend, so I postponed until Easter weekend. That turned out to be the right move since it was about 80 the first two days I was there! It was glorious, to say the least. (Read earlier posts about the weekend here and here).

While there, I finished Eat Pray Love and read Sarah's Key. I spent hours simply sitting in silence, thinking about nothing. I napped. I listened to NPR. I relaxed with a girlfriend getting pedicures. I drank wine. I slept in peace and quiet for 8 solid hours. I tried to count the stars, but settled for marveling in awe at their splendor. I hiked Baldy. Thanks to Netflix, I watched 30 Rock and The Office, both of which I've never seen.

Dave and I spent Easter dinner with about 50 friends from Watervale, both agreeing it was the nicest Easter we've ever had. Monday night, we enjoyed a quiet dinner with 3 friends and participated in their Monday evening ritual of watching 24. Why have I never seen this show?

It was the perfect long weekend and exactly what I needed. Even though I've been home for two days now, all I want to do is go back. August can't get here fast enough.

Note to anyone planning a trip to Watervale this summer: Remember to pack the bug spray. The mosquitos were already out in force.

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  1. I love your Watervale posts. I've never been there, but reading about your experiences makes it feel familiar. And I get a little vacation, so to speak - if only for those few minutes it takes for me to read what you've written about such a fun place.


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