Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do You Have Enough Oil For Your Lamp?

I saw this wonderful video on Simple Truths on Sunday and was reminded that, like most of the women I know, I don't do enough self-preservation.

Most women I know are care-givers. We take care of everyone else before we even think of taking care of ourselves. We put the needs of our parents, kids, pets, significant other, boss, friends, job, volunteer organizations, and so much more ahead of ourselves that we are usually running not just on empty, but with a physical and emotional energy deficit. The truth is, however, that if we're not taking care of ourselves, we can't possibly fulfill our other obligations to the best of our ability and we can't expect others to make us a priority if we fail to prioritize ourselves.

I know that this commitment to caring for others before ourselves is a behavior that's been passed down for generations, at least in my family it was, but it's time we break that habit. Plus, we'll be teaching our daughters, nieces, and other young girls in our lives that we have value.

So follow the new Golden Rule for women, "We must do unto Ourselves, as we do unto others," and take a day just for you. I give you permission.

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