Sunday, April 3, 2011

LMS Endorsement: Deborah A. Nelson for Arlington Heights Library Board

For the second time, Little Merry Sunshine is pleased to unconditionally endorse Deborah A. Nelson for the Arlington Heights Memorial Library Board of Trustees.

Ms. Nelson has served as a trustee since April 2008 and has served as the Board's treasurer for the last two years. During her tenure on the Board, Ms. Nelson has voted twice against increasing the library's tax levy, which is significant because so much of the library's funding comes from the property taxes of Arlington Heights residents.

Ms. Nelson's professional career has been spent in the non-profit industry working in customer service, strategic planning, public relations, and fund raising. Better than anyone I know, Ms. Nelson knows what it takes to run a successful non-profit in a fiscally responsible manner.

She pays her success forward by serving as a mentor for the community with the Random Acts of Kindness Club of Arlington Heights she began while volunteering at Patton Elementary School. She also models civic involvement by being actively involved in the education of her two children and advocating for all children with special needs.

Ms. Nelson is the epitome of integrity, commitment, experience and character that is so desperately needed in politics today. A vote for Ms. Nelson on Tuesday, April 5th is a vote for the continued success of the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.

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