Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The First Snow

Tonight we are getting the first measurable snowfall of the season. Sure, it snowed on Saturday, but it was more like white slush, didn't even measure an inch, and was gone before Sunday morning. Tonight, on the other hand, it's snowing big pretty fluffy white snowflakes with just enough moisture in them to stick to everything. Suddenly I live in a white forest with all the trees and branches completely covered in snow. It's beautiful.

The first snowfall always reminds me of a first kiss. Tender. Romantic. Anticipatory. The only two people in the world are me and the man I'm kissing, just like when I watch the first snowfall and I forget about everything else. I love to curl up on the love seat in my living room with all the lights turned out, save for the Christmas tree, and watch the snow in eager expectation.

My ability to commit to winter lasts about as long as the first snowfall. Tomorrow I'll be ready for a new season. But tonight, I'm in love.

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