Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ask A Librarian via Text Message

I don't know if this is a new service or not, but I love it!

Imagine this scenario . . .

It's Friday night and you're having $5 martinis at Francesca's with the girls when someone wants to know the release date of the Sex & The City movie. You say May 30th and your girlfriend insists it's April 30th. A round of Cosmopolitans is hanging on the answer.

What do you do?

Text message the Arlington Heights Memorial Library (during normal business hours, except 9-10pm weeknights)!

Send a message to 265010.

Start your message with ahmlq:[your message]

After that, just send and receive messages as you would normally (no need for the "ahmlq" again).

Tip: Due to message length restrictions, short queries with short answers work best.

Let's get back to the Sex and the City question.

ahmlq: Sex and the City movie release date

And the answer would be . . . May 30th.

Of course, standard text messaging rates apply.

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  1. Thanks so much for passing the word along. Yes, it's a very new service, about two weeks old. BTW, you can also get live help online 24/7/365 (even when our texting service is closed) by visiting our site at and clicking on the "Ask a Librarian Live Online" link.

    --Bill Pardue, Arlington Heights Librarian


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