Thursday, October 15, 2009

Confession: I Am A Failure

It's true. Now before you skip the rest of the post to submit a comment telling me how utterly great I am or an email full of examples of all of my past successes, I'm going to stipulate that, in fact, I am pretty great and I am highly successful in a number of areas in my life.

But in one area, I'm a complete and total failure.

Betsey and Ross are not toilet trained. Yes, of course, they are litter box trained. But they are not toilet trained.

Having toilet trained cats would relieve me of one of my least favorite chores: scooping the litter box. It would save me money. Do you know how much cat litter costs? It ain't cheap. I could walk barefoot in my bathroom again because I wouldn't step in litter kicked out of the box or that flies out when they fly from the box at speeds faster than the speed of light.

I know what you're thinking. You don't think it's possible to potty train cats. I thought that too. And then I saw this crazy video on CNN. Yes, on CNN.

And then I discovered there's a whole website devoted to toilet training cats and books too!

Obviously, this is not Betsey or Ross. They both appreciate privacy in the bathroom.
Picture from How to Toilet-Train Your Cat

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  1. Oh my... I am a failure too. My cat can't accuse me of abuse, but since I never taught him this, I guess neglect, albeit benign neglect is present!


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