Tuesday, October 27, 2009

George W. Bush . . . Motivator?

Well, it sounded strange to me too. President George W. Bush a motivational speaker? Really?

For the life of me, I wasn't sure what he might motivate other than my desire to hear hours of nothing but finger nails scratching chalkboards, but I might have been wrong. I'm open to that possibility.

It seems that about 11,000 people paid $4.50 each in advance or $225 at the door (yes, that's right, if you waited and made a spur of the moment decision to attend Get Motivated yesterday in Ft. Worth, you paid 50 times the cost of the ticket for your laziness) to be motivated by our former Commander-in-Chief.

And he did not let them down. Oh no. He spent 28 minutes sharing incredibly inspirational anecdotes including the memorable one about picking up dog crap and how his life had changed. Seriously. The thing is that I wonder if it occurs to him that many people in this country feel like he left a big pile of dog crap on all of us when he finally left after a very long 8 years.

I have to be honest here, there are two things I can't stop thinking:
  1. President Bush was speaking in his own backyard in the State of Texas - where he grew up, served as governor, ran for President, vacationed every weekend while President, and now lives - and they couldn't pull in more than $4.50 per person for this event? I would have thought he'd be able to at least bring in $5 per person.
  2. If I had been in that audience and spent my hard earned $4.50 to hear President Bush speak and had to endure 28 minutes of dog poop stories, I would have demanded my money back.
The reviews are in and I'm not sure they could be construed as giving him five stars. Many said "he wasn't the best speaker of the day," "[h]e wasn't the best speaker," and "other speakers were better."

Two things are certain: President Bush was successful in motivating millions of people to flee the GOP and millions of people to vote for Obama. Thank you, President Bush!

Because I don't want you to feel left out of all the motivation, here's a 2 minute clip of President Bush yesterday motivating the masses.

Oh, this just got better! Jon Stewart gave his priceless take on the whole George Bush as Motivator-in-Chief thing! God, I love Jon Stewart so much!
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  1. Picking up sh*t in a bag. That is a good job for him, bag optional.

    Why does Colin Powell soil himself by hanging with these idiots? He can't need the money? He has no self-respect.

  2. He wasn't the best speaker???? How can that be? Oh, because he does everything half-assed and has never respected his audiences enough to learn how to deliver a speech properly.

  3. Haha this is painful to think about--I'm surprised they didn't have to pay everyone in the audience 5$ to get them to show up...

  4. Political Promos Blogger,

    Yes, it IS painful to think about, but you've got to remember where this was held . . . Deep in the Heart of Texas, which for some reason is still George W. Bush Country.


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