Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Dave!

Dave, Linda, Me, and our Dad at Watervale in 2005.

Thirty-five years ago today, God brought me a little brother whom my parents named David, over my very loud protests and requests to name him Bozo.

I'll be honest, at first, David, now Dave, wasn't exactly my cup of tea. Our parents had promised me that Dave would be a great playmate, but I learned the hard way . . . not so much. One day, shortly before his first Thanksgiving, when Mom thought Dave was napping and I was playing quietly in my room, she heard a gut wrenching shriek. She rushed to Dave's nursery where she found me sitting in his crib with him and he was just letting out these blood-curdling howls. Oh, and he also had teeth marks on his cheek. Mom took one look at me and wanted to know what had happened, as though there would be any explanation that would get me out of the severe punishment that was awaiting me. Innocently, I told her that Dave and I were playing Thanksgiving and he was the turkey. We never played that game again and I'm pretty sure it was a day or two before I was able to sit comfortably.

Not to worry, Dave got me back, about 6 years later when I was 10 and he announced to everyone at Dillard's that I did not need any undershirts (Nana had taken us school clothes shopping) because I wore now a bra.

No, we were not fast friends. In fact, for many years, we were more akin to mortal enemies.

I guess it was when we got to be teenagers that we finally started to like each other. And now I can honestly tell you that Dave is not just my little brother, he's also one of my closest friends.

If I got to hand pick my brother, Dave would be the guy. Dave is fun and smart. He's really down-to-earth and he's the guy you want in a crisis. He stays calm when I freak out. He's really damn handy with fixing things and has all sorts of knowledge I don't have. He's an amazing athlete. He owns his own business, Crystal Skylights & Solarlighting, and can build anything. And I've heard he's pretty good looking too.

Happy Birthday Dave! You are not only my only brother, but you are the best brother I could ever want to have, and I hope this is the best year of your life.

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