Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Required FTC Disclosure

Per the new FTC rules regarding bloggers reviewing products and services while not disclosing that they have received said products and services for free, I just have one thing to say:

Where the heck are MY freebies?

I say nice stuff about people, places, things, and services and no one is sucking up to me!

For example, if you'd like to kick some first class tickets to Paris this Christmas along with a free hotel, free food, and some spending money, I'd be happy to accept and I'll write whatever you want me to say. I will make the same offer for a trip to the Virgin Islands or Australia or Fiji. Furthermore, if you'd like someone to write a great review for your new 5-star restaurant, Broadway play, spa (complete with full head-to-toe pampering), or newest luxury car then I'm your girl. Of course, I accept smaller-scale freebies too. In fact, I've had my eye on "Live on the Inside" by Sugarland, a few books (but NOT that Sarah Palin "book") and a specific gym membership.

So to sum up, I have not ever accepted any freebies in exchange for an awesome review. I even paid for my copy (and the other 14 I bought to give as gifts) of the book I was in. And to be sure, I was more than happy to pay for that and support my friend. So there.

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  1. Totally with you, sister. I would happily disclose that I was being paid for reviews if someone would. No problem with that whatsoever.


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