Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Favorite Time

Do you have a favorite time? A time when all the stars align and even if just for a single moment in time, your world is perfect in whatever that means for you? That moment when you just sit down, inhale deeply and take your time exhaling because you want to savor every part of the breath?

For me, that time is right this very moment. It doesn't happen all that often for me, and when it does, it only lasts about 7 seconds. But in those 7 seconds, I feel no stress, all the weights I carry on my shoulders everyday are lifted and I know that for this brief time, my stars are aligned, my world is perfect, and nothing can shake me.

What has happened that I'm in this state of sheer bliss?

My house is 100% clean. So clean, in fact, that it's ready for a spread in Architectural Digest.

Everything that collects dust has been dusted, the dust bunnies have been eliminated, and the entire house is White Glove Certified. All of the floors have been swept, vacuumed, and/or mopped. All the light bulbs work. My desk is legitimately cleaned off; I didn't hide a pile of stuff in a drawer. All the laundry is done, folded, and put away. The dishwasher is clean and empty with no dishes waiting to be washed. Both bathrooms have been scrubbed from floor to ceiling with bleached toilets, tubs, and fresh towels. All the beds are made with crisp, clean sheets. Betsey & Ross's litter boxes are clean with fresh litter. All the Christmas decorations are up and look better this year than last year (this year's themed Christmas tree is another post entirely). The garbage and recycling are collected and down at the curb awaiting pickup in the morning. My car has a full tank of gas, new windshield wipers, and plenty of windshield wiper fluid. Betsey and Ross are behaving and not shedding. Bills have been paid. The grocery list is done and coupons collected. Thursday's To Do list is ready and items gathered to make tomorrow run smoothly. Packages are at the front door awaiting delivery or drop-off at the post office. The bank deposit is ready.

Yes, my life was perfect and it was really great to be me (as opposed to normal when it's just really good to be me). For almost an entire 7 seconds. In the time it took me to compose that paragraph, the stars shifted again and Betsey hissed at Ross and they just knocked something over as she tried to explain that "no means no" and she's not in the mood to play. Hopefully, it's not the tree.

Oh, damn, I also just realized I haven't started my Christmas cards.

At least I can savor the memory of my favorite time and eagerly await the next time I get 7 seconds of perfection.

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